Cariocas est. 1998

The picturesque and private cove of Cariocas Beach provides the perfect scene for this first-of-its-kind escape. A secluded bar, a shore-sided stage in a bay until now secreted away, this little-known locale is the hand-picked and hand built paradise demanded of a festival, an events organizer or any visitor wishing to create his own cultivated escape.

This Summer we celebrate our 21st Summer season kick off with Josh Milan's 50th birthday celebrations featuring his live band, Louie Vega, Joe Claussel and more international and local talents to be announced; Next stop of another epic summer journey is  Under The Sun Rock Festival returning after it's first sold out edition back 2018.

July starts with one more edition of one of Europe's most significant electronic dance music festivals Odyssia.  Tiki festival is taking the lead in the middle of July followed by two more celebrating editions of our legendary House On the Beach parties! August hosts a great series of parties with our residential underground events being the protagonists. 

Summer Vibes. Cariocas Vibes. Al Onboard!