Cariocas. It's all about the family

There is more to the family owned business, than the 20 years that counts already. The family has a well proven record of running restaurant and club businesses for more than 40 years. Papaeleftheriou family’s 1st generation were immigrants to the USA were they became know as “the Papas”.

Second generation Yorgos Papaeletheriou aka Papageorge, continues the legacy by creating restaurants and night clubs in Athens, Greece since the early 80s. His two sons Panos aka DJ Panu and Petros aka Sunshine Pedro, are with him since the day one. In 1998 they created Cariocas.

Inspired from their travelling in Rio, Brazil, the genuine love for the beach life, the latin American culture, sports and football in particular, the family discovered Schinos Bay almost accidentally, in the early 90s and fell in love with the place instantly. They first built a country house, and before hardly anyone noticed, their beach bar became a reality.

A brand with a story to tell.

Being supported from their friends and family, the Papas’ decision to name their bar after Cariocas, the local name of the Rio de Janeiro citizens, was an easy one. It took only a few minutes after a brainstorm meeting with the staff a few weeks prior to the first year of operation.

The Brazilian’s flag slogan 'Ordem e Progresso' is the best known motto of Positivism. It is mentioned in a quote of philosopher Auguste Comte: "L'amour et l'ordre pour principle pour base; pour le progrès but" ("Love as a principle and order as the basis; progress the goal”).

A Brazilian flag waves up high at the Cariocas ever since. Petros, the youngest son of the family is the one who really got himself into the dancefloor culture and the disco house music throughput the years. While growing up, the legendary House on The Beach parties he started back in the days, grew up along with him as well. Today, the Odyssian flag waves side by side with the Cariocas.

The soul behind Cariocas music and events is our resident Sunshine Pedro. The soul behind Cariocas music and events is our resident Petros Papaeletheriou aka DJ Sunshine Pedro. Petros grew up in a vinyl records world. Listening to his dad's records as a kid, spinning his own and the ones being discovered in the DJ booths of the family-owned clubs that Papageorge family runs since 1989. One can say that a milestone to Petros career is the day he first met with Mancuso in 2007. It was during one of the legendary Lucky Cloud parties being held in London. Petros continued to travel to London and listen to Mancuso occasionally. Mancuso became Petros mentor, and it was no surprise that they decided with David to start a party in Greece, with the help of Iain, the first man he got to know from Lucky Cloud. Unfortunately, due to the "sudden" crisis that took over Greece in that period, they have never been able to carry the project out. In the same time, Petros started building the Cariocas sound system, clearly influenced and inspired by what he experienced on that very first day he attended a party in Light Bar's Loft. Another mark year was certainly 2012. With his buddy Bill, they started the Lovesick project. One thing led to the other and to cut the long story short (it took an Odyssey), the music duo made it be the first Greek electronic act that had a presence to a burning festival (Spring 2013). You can find out more about Lovesick at www.lovesick.gr. This amazing experience in the middle of the desserts of South Africa, sparked the fire to realize his own creation, his own festival to share with the world. The first international electronic music festival in Cariocas became a reality. Odyssia's inaugural edition happened in August - September of 2016. Since then, 3 more editions have happened, another festival was born (Under the Sun), and Cariocas events with living legend DJs and live bands took place in ADE Amsterdam, Phonica London, Santorini in Greece, the Athens Riviera, but most of them always at Cariocas Beach Bar, with the latest edition being Josh Milan's annual birthday celebration party. Petros is personally taking care and holds a special place in his body and soul for the music curation, of all the Cariocas events that take place almost weekly, throughout a long extended Summer season that starts every end of April and ends on New Year's Eve. The remaining four months are usually the busiest, as preparations are fighting with upgrading ideas, to win the race towards the next season of building a better future for the Cariocas family. Petros along with the Cariocas Team do their best to make sure each and every event will make it to be the best one ever, only until the next one; ending up to create unique experiences almost daily, for those who have been to a Cariocas event, they know. Dreams work. Moreover, throughout his DJ career, Petros has introduced the Athenian crowd to the genuine global dance culture in numerous ways. His NO MORE FAKE DISCO parties were held in many clubs and underground venues during the early '00s and became an iconic event series of Athens dance scene. early '00s and became an iconic event series of Athens dance scene. His latest solo project OCTAPUSSY is a music mission inspired by the intelligence hidden in the most primitive forms of life. The project embraces the crowd in a caressing way that aims to "finish me slowly in order to start a new myself rising". Sunshine Pedro has shared the DJ booth with renowned emblematic dance music DJs; playing alongside names such as Frankie Knuckles, Ron Trent, David Morales and Joe Claussell he holds up to today the residency of the infamous Cariocas Beach Bar while during winter months his music has been wandered around the burning hot African Desert raves and throughout underground venues in Greece, Thailand, and South Africa.