Odyssia Festival | 20 & 21 June 2020

Upon the bay of the idyllic fisherman's village Schinos lies a secluded, hand-crafted beach bar with an 18-year legacy as stunning as its surroundings. Every year we design a new theme to inspire the experience of joining an array of artists, DJs, producers, selectors and influencers on both land and sea.

Crafted by the minds behind Cariocas' House On The Beach, Odyssia Festival promises to intimately piece together their favorite music and art collectives in an alluring location only fit for the best. Beach sessions, workshops, boat parties, and family-friendly gamified experiences, stretch beyond the sunset each day, forming the ideal place to lose yourself into and the perfect soundtrack to vibrate the dancefloor of life.

“ With a strong will for radical expression, creativity, forward-thinking, and an ecological approach on humanity and the traces to leave behind, the living beings involved with Odyssia and inspired from a unique ancient epic poem, like so many have done so in the past, and share the vision of identifying the real purpose of life and the destination where one can find the one and only truth. A destination beyond time. For this to happen each one of us must first go through his own Odyssia, explore, discover and realize, what truly empowers the journey of life. Discover the power of true love.”

Odyssia Festival is open to partnerships aiming to host future editions in other parts of our beautiful world. Driven by its international character and a global mind set, the festival offers 360 support and know how that allows potential co-organizers to secure a successful launch. The possibilities are endless, the only limit is your imagination.

To explore investment opportunities with Odyssia Festival, contact us.

Josh Turns 51 | 25 - 28 June 2020

Josh Milan's 50th anniversary party marked a new era for Cariocas Beach Bar.

More than 200 music lovers from the States, joined another 100 Dance Music fans from Europe, Africa, Australia and Japan, blended with the Greek audience to create a magical atmosphere that lasted 4 continuous days.

Live performances and DJ sets with Josh Milan, Louie Vega and Joakim Claussell amongst others, had Cariocas dancefloor pumping day and night.

The feeling was so good that the party is gonna happen again, only this time more people know so it's gonna be "bigger and sexier", as Josh promised.

Cariocas makes an ideal spot for top events wishing to reach and attract the international audio and musicphiles, no matter the music genre.

" Cariocas is a beautiful place, and the perfect setting to reflect my liberal spirit. It has an amazing sound system with a very sexy beach bar. Imagine phenomenal music, clear blue water, the beautiful people of Athens, and our lovely souls.

Ultimately, the spirit of my music has always been an invitation to love, and I can’t think of a greater moment for us to share. Whether you are a friend, a fan, a dancer, or family, everyone will enjoy this experience. Join me for the celebration of a lifetime and let’s dance!" - JOSH MILAN

Under The Sun Rock Festival | 4-5 July

This is not another stadium festival, nor another concert on the concrete terrains of a large square. This is about a unique experience at the Greek countryside right on the Cariocas beach.

The sun and the sea create the atmosphere infused with summer feel-good vibes, while a plethora of selected live music bands rock the air with their music resonating in the Gerania Mountains, forming a part of the imposing Scenic Gulf scenery.

The food, drinks and a wide range of side activities are curated by the Cariocas production team to provide you with an experience that the presence of each one of you makes it even more special.

The only festival in Greece to promote Rock music in a summer location.

Under The Sun blends international artists with the top rock bands from Greece.

Greece's only rock festival with international acts to take place on the beach gained the attention of visitors from 17 countries worldwide, who travel to see their favourite bands at Cariocas Beach Bar.

3d edition brings more headliners on the spot and introduces more genres of rock music to the audience.

JAZZ ON THE BEACH | 11, 12, 25 & 26 JULY

Following the path opened by Under the Sun, Jazz music takes over the beach with live bands highlighting the renowned music genre and the culture that lies within.

The festival's inaugural edition is spread across several dates of July and aims to host handpicked jazz bands that explore the modern forms of Jazz and the impeccable ways the queen of music has to celebrate life.

House On The Beach Party | 18 & 19 July

The House on the Beach Party counts 20 years already. The legendary event was hosted abroad for the first time in Amsterdam Dance Events in 2016. The party is characterized by its robust culture, amazing line ups, decoration, branding and genuine vibes coming straight out from its 20 years womb, one can feel on the dance floor almost instantly.

Cariocas' iconic House party is one of the longest-lasting in the world, and has been writing music history for 22 years nonstop, at the place it all started. The international family of Cariocas, remains loyal to its yearly appointment and get together to have the best of fun and joy with their favorite DJs.

If you are interested into hosting a House On the Beach Party at your country, place or venue, contact us.

World Ethnic and Traditional Music Festival | 1,8, 15 & 22 August

From pop-folk to authentic underground, traditional music has had its way of exploding the tremendous dynamics of the genres that turns it into the spotlight, standing out as a beacon of reference for modern music productions. Cariocas hosts a series of art events, showcasing how this becomes possible.

Disco Suckers Party The 48hr edition | 13 & 14 August

Cariocas fans know very well what's going on every year this season before we even announce it. Resident DJ Panu sets an unbeaten record by playing at the legendary disco party without missing a single season since his first appearance, back in 1998. This year through a 24-hour artistic ritual performance, we are preparing the dancefloor for what is to follow in the next 24 hours, as the whole village flows into the big Augustan party to celebrate the absolut summer legend.

Embrace 2020 Festival | 4, 5 & 6 September

No wonder why Berlin’s South African music community has a deep connection with the past present and future of dance music.

In the year of 2020, after numerous parties in Germany and Europe, the community now takes a big step by founding its own festival. The festival will include panels and workshops with renowned music labels and producers, wellbeing sessions and of course lots of dance and summer romance.

Deeply honoured and so excited for Cariocas to be the first pick as the place to host EMBRACE’s inaugural edition.

September 3d - September 6th | EMBRACE 2020 at Cariocas Beach Bar.

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The Global Music Garden Championship - GBOB | 11, 12 & 13 September | Soon to be confirmed

The largest world championship for music bands comes under the name Global Battle of The Bands ( GBOB) and is considered by many the most faithful and authentic supporter of the "Battle of the Bands" institution, born in England and measuring over half a century of history.

Counting more than a decade of "battles" in numerous countries across Europe, Asia and Africa the championship is handled by the music super-hub Global Music Garden.

Greece participates for the 5th time in a row, and Cariocas is expected to host the event that will feature the winner of this year's World Finals, which, after successively traveling from London to Berlin and Kuala Lumpur, is set to be hosted in Greece on December 2020.

In the Greek round, we expect bands to represent countries from the greater region, 2 of them to win the ticket to the world finals.

1st Blues on the Beach Festival | 18, 19 & 20 September | Soon to be confirmed

Blues is perhaps the only music genre in the world surrounded by such an expanding audience base.

You may have often heard people say that they hear and like different kinds of music but in the end, they would all admit being listening to the blues.

Live bands, workshops, music fans, artisans and instruments that love to serve and be inspired from the blues, are paying tribute to the pentatonic scale.

The music scale that shaped modern music as we know it today. Each year we aim to delve deeper into the phenomenon of blues music and its history, that began to be written in the American South in the 1870s and continues to be written today, remaining more fresh and vibrant than ever.