House On The Beach Party

The House on the Beach Party counts 20 years already. The legendary event was hosted abroad for the first time in Amsterdam Dance Events in 2016. The party is characterized by its robust culture, amazing line ups, decoration, branding and genuine vibes coming straight out from its 20 years womb, one can feel on the dance floor almost instantly.

If you are interested into hosting a House On the Beach Party at your country, place or venue, contact us.

Odyssia Festival Franchise

Odyssia Festival is open to partnerships aiming to host future editions in other parts of our beautiful world. Driven by its international character and a global mind set, the festival offers 360 support and know how that allows potential co-organizers to secure a successful launch. The possibilities are endless, the only limit is your imagination.

To explore investment opportunities with Odyssia Festival, ontact us.

The Cariocas Venue

Whether is a private event, a party, a media production reperage, or even a festival, your wedding party or if you are looking for a unique location to host your very private event, Cariocas is a spectacular venue situated in a magical spot, that will do the job like no other.

Within 1hour drive from Athens airport, great accommodation options and an infrastructure that can serve from 10 up to 1000 people, it certainly feels like home to any one keen on escaping from the routine and the main stream.

Our services include, experienced f&b personnel, security, parking, in house kitchen, not to mention the scenery and the landscape, plus all legal coverage that guarantees your event will make a deep impact and become a great success.

Cariocas venue is fully operational and ready to fly all year round.

If you are interested to rent Cariocas venue, contact us.

Under The Sun Rock Festival

This is not another stadium festival, nor another concert on the concrete terrains of a large square. This is about a unique experience at the Greek countryside right on the Cariocas beach.

The sun and the sea create the atmosphere infused with summer feel-good vibes, while a plethora of selected live music bands rock the air with their music resonating in the Gerania Mountains, forming a part of the imposing Scenic Gulf scenery.

The food, drinks and a wide range of side activities are curated by the Cariocas production team to provide you with an experience that the presence of each one of you makes it even more special.

Josh Turns 51

" Cariocas is a beautiful place, and the perfect setting to reflect my liberal spirit. It has an amazing sound system with a very sexy beach bar. Imagine phenomenal music, clear blue water, the beautiful people of Athens, and our lovely souls.

Ultimately, the spirit of my music has always been an invitation to love, and I can’t think of a greater moment for us to share. Whether you are a friend, a fan, a dancer, or family, everyone will enjoy this experience. Join me for the celebration of a lifetime and let’s dance!" - JOSH MILAN